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Why Get a Furnace Tune Up?

Fall is here and you know what that means – winter is around the corner! In the cold winter months, you really need a furnace you can depend on to keep your home warm and comfortable. Just like your car or most other mechanical equipment, a furnace should have a tune-up every year. The furnace needs to be in good working order to have a long life and remain energy efficient. Here at Kettle Moraine Heating & Air Conditioning, we base our tune-up checklists on the recommendations of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. And we always go over the checklist with you and leave you a copy for your records. Our goal is that you will not have a “no heat” situation during one of our frigid winter nights and that your home will be nice and comfy all winter long. If we see any issues that might lead to future problems, our technician will review them with you so the best decision can be made for your needs. Our Nate certified and licensed heating technicians perform tune-ups on both gas and oil furnaces and our team is always available to answer any questions you may have.

6 Reasons You Need a Furnace Tune Up Every Fall


Furnaces burn fuel like natural gas, propane or oil, to heat your home. An annual furnace tune-up helps keep you and your family safe. Just a small problem or crack in your system can lead to gas leaking into your home or the release of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. These omissions can lead to health problems and sometimes even death. Don't take the chance with your family's health, call us for a quick tune-up of your furnace or heating system.

Ensures Proper Airflow

Airflow is critical for your heating system to efficiently and effectively provide adequate heat throughout your home. A thorough furnace tune-up will ensure the proper airflow through your system and into your home. Restricted airflow will place an extra burden on your furnace or heating system that will force it to work harder. This can lead to increased repairs, higher energy usage and will shorten the life span of your heating system.

Provides Energy Savings

Maximizing your furnace's efficiency will reduce energy consumption and save you money on your energy bills. Poorly maintained heating systems will need to work much harder and will be less efficient, using more energy and costing you more each month. A professional diagnostic exam and tune-up will ensure your furnace will operate at peak efficiency all winter long.

Maintains Manufacturer Warranties

If your furnace or heater is still under a manufacturer's warranty, you should get it serviced annually to keep the warranty in place. Most manufacturers require annual maintenance to keep their warranties valid. As you should receive a report that your heating system was serviced, a furnace tune-up will satisfy the manufacturer's requirement and your warranty will remain valid.

Reduces Repairs & Breakdowns

Though mechanical systems will wear down with usage and time, a majority of failures, breakdowns and repairs on furnaces are due to improper maintenance. The accumulation of dirt and dust is one of the most common causes of furnace failure. Dirt and dust can lead to poor airflow and will cause your furnace to work harder and be less efficient. Having an annual furnace check will ensure all components are cleaned, decreasing the chance of any buildup of dirt or dust. This will allow your furnace to operate at peak performance and efficiency throughout the winter months.

Extends Your Furnace's Life Span

A properly maintained furnace or heating system will work more efficiently, have less repairs, and will last much longer than one that is not maintained. One that is forced to work harder will break down as it gets older and replacement costs can be a financial burden if not planned. Having an annual furnace tune-up will help keep your heating system in peak operating condition and extend its life.

Call Your Expert Heating Contractor for a Fall Furnace Tune-up

Kettle Moraine Heating & Air Conditioning is here to keep your HVAC system running efficiently and effectively all year long. No one wants to be without heat during one of the coldest nights of winter. Not only is it a health concern but emergency, after-hours repairs can be costly! Regular maintenance helps prevent breakdowns and will keep you from needing furnace repair in Muskego, Mukwonago or any city in Southeastern Wisconsin. Our NATE certified technicians are some of the best around! Call us to schedule an appointment for a furnace tune-up today. 

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