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New Construction HVAC System Installation

Choosing an HVAC system is a complicated decision involving various factors. It isn’t enough to select a brand and move on to other tasks. Ensuring that your new construction project is comfortable, efficient, and sustainable requires calculative foresight that some clients may not have the time to do. Our professionals have experience helping commercial and residential customers navigate all the considerations necessary to arrive at the best outcome.

Design: Careful planning is the key to an efficient home – especially when installing an HVAC system. Every unit is different. Homebuilders must ensure all air supply vents, return registers, and ducts are where they should be to regulate indoor temperatures successfully. The furnace and air conditioning units themselves are only half the battle.

New Construction HVAC

HVAC Tips to Consider When Planning Your New Build

Unit Placement: Bedrooms are one of the most important rooms in your house. To ensure you and your residents get the best night sleep, install outdoor equipment away from bedroom windows. This will minimize noise from outside the window and create quieter sleeping environments. Be sure to install the outdoor unit near a robust power supply and somewhere accessible, so everyday maintenance is more manageable.

Unit Size: Choosing the right size air conditioner or heater is a delicate balance. Equipment that is undersized will struggle to keep up with heating and cooling requirements while oversized equipment will trigger frequent on/off cycles. Both of these scenarios cost homeowners money and overwork your equipment. The best way to ensure the unit is the right size is to consult with Kettle Moraine Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC.

Insulation: During the construction process, add insulation around the air ducts. This extra step will prevent heat transfer and inefficiency as the HVAC system circulates warm and cold air throughout the house. Taking the time to insulate appropriately will save time and money down the road. For homeowners who are remodeling, they’ll notice the difference in their monthly bills.


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