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What is a Heat Pump?

An air source heat pump (ASHP) is an electric heating and cooling system that can condition homes more efficiently than traditional heating and cooling systems. Rather than generating heat as a furnace would, heat pumps simply move heat from one location to another.

While heating your home, heat pumps extract heat energy from outdoor air and transfers it inside. When cooling, the technology works similarly to your air conditioner and removes heat energy from inside your home, expelling it outside.

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Dual Fuel Heat Pump Systems

A dual fuel heat pump system consists of two main units: a heat pump and a natural gas or propane furnace. The heat pump operates as the primary heating and cooling source, utilizing electricity to transfer heat between the indoors and outdoors.

However, in situations where the outdoor temperature drops below zero, the heat pump’s efficiency may decline. That’s where the backup furnace comes in. When the weather gets too cold for the heat pump to efficiently heat your home, the backup furnace automatically takes over and provides additional heat using natural gas or propane.

The heat pump is more energy-efficient and cost-effective to operate during milder weather, while the backup furnace provides more energy and cost savings during extreme cold snaps.

Benefits of Heat Pumps

  • Cost Savings
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions
  • Increased Safety


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Heat Pump Frequently Asked Questions

Are heat pumps suitable for Wisconsin’s cold winters?
Absolutely! This is especially true if you opt for a cold climate heat pump which is specifically designed to operate in sub-freezing temperatures. Another option would be to consider a dual fuel heat pump system.

Do heat pumps require regular maintenance?
Like any HVAC system, heat pumps require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance, efficiency, and longevity. Routine maintenance also keeps your manufacturer warranty in good standing.

Can I get a heat pump system if my home doesn’t have ductwork?
Yes. Even if your home doesn’t have any existing ductwork, there are heat pump options available. These systems are known as ductless mini-split heat pumps.

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