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August 2023
By: Josh Walejewski
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If you’ve been in the market for HVAC services lately, it’s likely that you’ve come across the growing buzz surrounding “heat pumps”. With initiatives such as the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the advancements in cold climate air source heat pumps, these systems are undeniably shaping the future of HVAC.

Now, if you haven’t quite caught wind of the heat pump hype, don’t worry; you’ve probably encountered another technological marvel that’s been making headlines: Artificial Intelligence (AI). As someone in the HVAC industry, I’ll admit that I had never considered how AI might revolutionize HVAC technology and elevate our homes’ comfort and energy efficiency.

However, all that changed with the advent of the Mitsubishi intelli-HEAT Dual Fuel Heat Pump System – a heating and cooling system so smart, it deserves to be crowned as The Albert Einstein of HVAC Systems.

Understanding How Dual Fuel Heat Pump Systems Work

A dual-fuel heat pump system consists of two main units: a heat pump and a natural gas or propane furnace. The heat pump is the primary heating and cooling source, using electricity to transfer heat between indoors and outdoors.

However, when temperatures drop below zero, the heat pump’s efficiency may decline. In such cases, the backup furnace takes over automatically, using natural gas or propane to provide additional heat. The heat pump is most efficient and cost-effective during milder weather, while the backup furnace saves more energy costs and ensures your comfort during extreme cold snaps. For more information on how heat pumps work, visit our heat pumps product page.

Why is the Mitsubishi intelli-HEAT System Different from Other Dual Fuel Systems?

Boiler system

Intelligent Comfort Control

The intelli-HEAT’s advanced intelligence is one feature that sets it apart from the rest. Using artificial intelligence (AI), the intelli-HEAT system is constantly learning to determine the most advantageous switchover point between the electric heat pump and gas furnace.

By monitoring indoor and outdoor ambient temperatures and energy use, the AI-driven Comfort Control ensures that the switchover point occurs at the most optimal time. Additionally, the system’s constant machine learning ensures indoor temperatures will not fall below 0.9 degrees from the setpoint for longer than 24 minutes.

Solves Hot and Cold Rooms or Spaces

Another stand-out feature of the intelli-HEAT system is its intelli-HEAT coil which brings impressive scalability and flexibility. Mitsubishi Electric is renowned for its ductless mini-split systems and multi-zone solutions, and they have incorporated this technology into the intelli-HEAT dual fuel system.

Not only does the intelli-HEAT system fit seamlessly into your existing central forced air system, but additional indoor units or zones can also be added to solve problematic rooms/spaces without the need for running more ductwork. This system can bring optimal comfort to upstairs bedrooms, 3-season rooms, or even to heat/cool attached garages.

One of the Most Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems on the Market

Mitsubishi Electric’s intelli-HEAT Dual Fuel System brings year-round heating and cooling in one of the most efficient ways possible. Variable speed technology along with smart controls significantly reduce fossil fuel usage and your home’s carbon footprint. Unlike other heat pump systems on the market, Mitsubishi’s inverter-driven technology can maintain comfort and efficiency even during temperatures as low as -13°F.

Energy Savings Case Study Before and After intelli-HEAT Installation

Summary of Two Case Study Findings:

Two separate homes in Wisconsin and Iowa underwent a transformative change with the installation of Mitsubishi Electric’s intelli-HEAT Dual Fuel System. Home 1, located in Wisconsin and built in 2005, had its aging 17-year-old HVAC system replaced with the new dual fuel intelli-HEAT system. The new dual fuel system consists of a Mitsubishi Hyperheat 42kBtu (100% @ 5F) heat pump that was paired with the home’s existing 2005 Lennox Furnace rated at 92% AFUE.

The results in Home 1 were astonishing. With a staggering 50.3% reduction in year-over-year energy usage, this led to a substantial drop in overall energy costs. Had Home 1 stuck with its existing gas-only furnace and AC system, 2022’s yearly energy cost would have been $625 more.

Similarly, Home 2, situated in Iowa and constructed in 2012, also experienced remarkable results after swapping out its 10-year-old HVAC system with the new Mitsubishi intelli-HEAT Dual Fuel system. Home 2 paired a brand-new Mitsubishi Hyperheat 30kBtu (100% @ 5F) heat pump with the home’s existing 2012 Lennox 92% AFUE Furnace. This change led to an impressive 63.3% reduction in Therm usage and a 26.3% reduction in total energy consumption compared to the previous year.


The results speak for themselves. The intelligent sensors and inverter-driven variable speed technology of Mitsubishi’s intelli-HEAT Dual Fuel System not only optimized indoor comfort but also contributed to significant eco-efficiency and cost savings. These case studies serve as a compelling testament to the immense benefits of embracing this groundbreaking HVAC technology, delivering both cost-effective and sustainable heating and cooling solutions for homeowners in Wisconsin.

Kettle Moraine Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC is proud to be one of the few select HVAC contractors in the state to offer this advanced HVAC system. If you expect to be in the market for a new HVAC system, you won’t want to overlook the Mitsubishi intelli-HEAT Dual Fuel Heat Pump System.

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