As a trusted HVAC company, our number one priority will always be prompt and reasonable service, especially as equipment struggles to keep up in the bitter cold Wisconsin winter. As a family-based company, we derive our own dedication to this service from understanding your highest priorities. Keeping small children and infants warm in negative degree weather, snowstorms, or polar vortexes can be unbelievably stressful and overwhelming. Due to the rush of panic that a sudden lack of heat causes, it is very normal to overlook the simpler solutions, which is where we come in.

Troubleshooting on a furnace is a very commonly used first attempt to a solution for equipment issues, especially when your equipment is newer. Of course, the possibility of failing parts is always a lingering factor but keeping the simpler causes in mind can never hurt.

The first thing we often recommend is checking your furnace filter. As your furnace runs, the filter gradually gets clogged and dirty as time passes. It is for this reason that we typically recommend filter replacement anywhere from once a year to every 5-6 months. Once you surpass this time frame, issues can arise. If you are experiencing a lack of airflow even when the furnace is calling for heat, or it won’t start up altogether, the filter is always a possible first cause depending on how clogged it is.

Another common cause of furnace issues is the thermostat. We frequently receive calls from customers stating that their thermostat is unresponsive, causing their equipment to follow suit. Sometimes, this can be as simple as your thermostat needing new batteries. It could also be that your system is in need of a reboot due to a lack of communication to the furnace. Often times, the manufacturer of your thermostat can assist with these issues directly, but a reboot can be accomplished simply by turning off the power switch on your furnace for about ten minutes.

When you can see that your furnace is calling for heat, but the home is still cold, it can never hurt to also take a look at your registers. Even small blockages of your registers can cause the home not to heat properly, and it’s a factor we often don’t stop to consider due to all of the other possible causes.

Living in Wisconsin, heat is not optional. We can all relate and connect to the immediate concern when you notice your home is not at the proper temperature; especially with children and pets added to the equation. We never want our customers to be without the essentials for long, but also want to ensure every scenario has been taken into consideration. If any of these tips ever slip your mind, rest assured our office will be happy to troubleshoot with you over the phone. Stay warm!


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