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November 2022 
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HVAC Black Friday Deals

It’s that time of year! Black Friday savings are upon us, and businesses everywhere are offering their best deals of the year ahead of the holiday season. While you would love to splurge on that new laptop or big-screen tv, you know your furnace is on its last leg. You’ve been patiently waiting, counting down the days even, until Black Friday to finally replace your old system. However, you come to find out the majority of HVAC contractors do not actually offer Black Friday deals. Have you ever wondered why?

Deals in our industry are highly dependent on whether manufacturers and suppliers are offering rebates or other promotions. The great news is you don’t need to wait for special occasions like Black Friday to get the best HVAC deal of the year. Our team at Kettle Moraine Heating will guarantee you have taken advantage of every incentive available to maximize your savings. Aside from manufacturer incentives, there are many more reasons to replace your equipment before the year’s end.

Why Purchase Before the End of the Year

Price Increases

If there is one thing I’ve learned during my many years in the HVAC industry, it’s that manufacturers increase the price of equipment to begin the new year. The system you’re considering at the end of this year will certainly cost 3% – 10% more the following year. Additionally, supply chain issues are still impacting many industries, including HVAC. These setbacks have further contributed toward higher costs, especially in recent years.

Energy Savings

If you foresee a needed replacement within the next year, why wait? It’s likely that the system you’re replacing is at least 12 – 20 years old. Technology has made incredible strides in improving the efficiency of new HVAC equipment. Your new high-efficiency system will represent a savings of hundreds of dollars per year and thousands over the equipment’s lifespan. Why not start saving now?

Current Offers are GREAT

Manufacturer rebates from Lennox and Mitsubishi are in full swing between now and the end of the year. Well-qualified buyers can also take advantage of 0% financing as well as other government tax credits. Don’t put up with being uncomfortable this winter. Get in touch with one of our comfort advisors and we will personally work with you to make sure you get all the savings possible without having to wait for Black Friday.

Check out our current offers today and save big before the end of the year!

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