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The average lifespan of a residential gas furnace is between 15 to 20 years. If your unit is around this age or more, it’s time to consider getting a new one for a number of reasons.

First, an older furnace is bound to work overtime to keep your house warm. This translates to higher energy bills and more frequent repairs. If you notice a significant increase in heating and repair costs, this tells you that your existing unit is about to retire and would require a replacement.

Second, inconsistent heating is another issue an old, inefficient furnace creates. If you have an older furnace, you may be suffering from uneven heat distribution — some rooms are warmer than the others.

Finally, it is quite normal for a furnace to create some noise when it starts or shuts down, but if those noises begin to be considerably louder, it may be time to shop for a new unit. These sounds are signs that there are certain parts within the furnace needing replacement. The problem is that as furnaces get older, finding replacement parts gets challenging.

If you notice any of these telltale signs, you may have reached a point where getting a new furnace would make more sense than trying to keep your old, inefficient unit.

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This article highlights the Lennox ML180E, one of the models in the Merit Series of furnaces.

Features of the Merit® Series ML180E Gas Furnace

Every component of the ML180E has proven itself through extensive testing in our research labs. So you can take comfort knowing the furnace will deliver reliable performance, season after season.

From its heavy-gauge steel cabinet and aluminized steel heat exchanger to its sealed blower compartment, the ML180E is built to deliver reliable comfort, year after year.

An AFUE of 80% means 80 cents of every dollar spent on gas goes directly toward heating your home. That can mean potential savings of hundreds of dollars per year when compared to an older furnace.

Its Power Saver technology not only provides energy boost capabilities improving the overall system efficiency, similar to a variable speed furnace, but also delivers higher SEER ratings in cooling mode. In continuous fan mode, this technology helps keep energy waste to a minimum.

When the ML180E is paired with a Lennox® heat pump, it creates a system that can automatically alternate between electricity and gas to keep you warm. So you’re always using the most energy-efficient way to keep comfortable.

The ML180 has a Duralok Plus heat exchanger that is constructed from patented ArmorTuf steel that captures waste heat, and a stainless steel secondary heat exchanger that allows the unit to achieve industry-leading efficiency levels. This solid component exceeds industry requirements and extends the furnace’s life.

Its Power Saver motor operates at constant torque to help maintain consistent airflow.

Its hot surface igniter controls furnace operation to ensure reliable, efficient performance.

The ML180E’s sealed blower compartment minimizes losses and maximizes efficiency and comfort.

With product registration, the ML180 may be eligible for a 10-year Limited Extended Warranty. Lennox also offers a 5-year Limited Warranty on covered parts and 20-Year Warranty on the Heat Exchanger.

Why Trust Kettle Moraine Heating and Air Conditioning?

Finding the right furnace is not an easy task. As a matter of fact, most homeowners find it rather difficult to select the proper unit for their homes. There are certain factors to consider when deciding which furnace is best for your needs, one of which is proper sizing.

If your furnace is undersized, it lacks the power to properly heat your home, so it will need to run longer to raise the temperature to the point of being overloaded. This causes the unit to fail and increase your utility bills. This will also create premature wear and tear as a small furnace struggles to keep up with your home’s heating needs.

On the other hand, a furnace that is too large for your home is prone to short cycling, which means the unit will shut down before the thermostat makes the right temperature readings.

Our experts at Kettle Moraine Heating and Air Conditioning have the experience, training, and equipment to help you carefully pick the best furnace that can provide you with ultimate comfort at the most reasonable costs.

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