The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry has been deemed an essential service. The health and safety of our customers, employees, and community are our top priorities. We understand that homeowners have concerns about safety. Please call and we will address your concerns and offer options to ensure you are comfortable during our visit. We are offering options for our services, including virtual home visits and zero contact service.    

We are following the latest recommendations by the professional health organizations. We have put in place new protocols to address the coronavirus. These protocols are updated continually and communicated to both customers and employees on an ongoing basis as the situation evolves. Our employees and technicians are taking additional precautions before, during, and after each of our appointments.

Social Distancing:

We practice social distancing recommendations in the office, in our customer’s homes, and in the community.

Service Calls and Maintenance:

Our technicians are taking additional precautions, wearing nitrile gloves in conjunction with the floor defense shoe guards. If customers request, our technicians will also wear a mask. We are disposing of gloves and shoe guards safely and sanitizing our work space and equipment.


We are currently offering options for estimates. Customers can choose from a virtual estimate, traditional estimate (with additional safeguards), and a blend of both virtual and traditional to ensure customers are comfortable when exploring options for new heating and cooling equipment. We can explain these options in detail and work with each customer and each situation. 

Sick Policies:

We are screening employees daily. Employees exhibiting any type of COVID-19 symptoms will not be
permitted to work in the office or in the field, and CDC guidelines will be followed.


We are obtaining verbal signatures as opposed to written. If a customer prefers a written signature, we will e-mail the necessary paperwork to sign.


We understand this is a difficult time for many. Some of our customers may not be working or may be experiencing some type of income loss. We offer options for financing and will work with you to the best of our capability.


Our goal is to provide comfort – not only with heating and cooling but on all levels during these unprecedented times. We strive to ensure you are comfortable with how we provide your service. We encourage any customers with additional questions or concerns to give us a call.