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If your home is more than one story, a zoned system for your HVAC system may greatly benefit you. Zoning gives you the power to set the temperature in the different rooms, or zones, of your home to match your needs at any given time. This will also lead to a lower energy bill and a more comfortable home.

Kettle Moraine Heating & Air Conditioning can install zoned heating and air conditioning in Waukesha WI and Southeastern Wisconsin. Zoned systems can be added to new HVAC systems, as well as existing systems that have ductwork.

Which Homes Benefit From a Zoned System

A house operating with a single thermostat controlling the central HVAC system is great for keeping the room nearest the thermostat nice and comfortable.

While this is great, the other rooms in the house may vary by several degrees due to the architecture of the room or the activities being done in the room. For example in Wisconsin, the rooms that have north-facing windows will usually be colder than the rest of the house in the winter, whereas the rooms with south-facing windows will be much warmer in the summer. In multi-story homes, the lower floors will be cooler and the upper ones will be warmer.

The kitchen will heat up when appliances like the oven are in use, while the family room will be cool if the only person in it is only watching TV and doing nothing else. Setting the only thermostat controlling the entire system to a temperature to compensate for these situations can be unnecessarily expensive.

Lowering the temperature to provide more air conditioning to keep the kitchen cooler while you're cooking will waste a lot of money in energy bills, as it will also cool the other rooms, possibly to uncomfortable temperatures. A zoned system can separate the rooms with similar HVAC needs into zones with their own thermostats.

For example, while the kids are doing homework or taking a nap in the back bedrooms, you can keep their rooms nice and warm while you have the air conditioner cranked up in the kitchen for those preparing dinner.

How a Zoned System Works

A zoned system works by controlling the flow of heat or cooled air from the HVAC system to different parts of your home. This is done by using a series of motorized dampers installed inside the ductwork. Low-voltage motors controlled by the thermostat for each zone open or close the dampers to their individual zones to block or allow air to flow into the zoned area.

All of these zone thermostats are wired into a central controller that turns the heating or cooling on when one of the zones calls for heated or cooled air. A zoned system carefully designed and installed by the pros at Kettle Moraine Heating & Air Conditioning will keep the balance in the ductwork correct. A modern HVAC system with variable air handler speeds automatically supplies the correct airflow to match the number zones calling for conditioned air.

As opposed to a multi-speed air conditioning system, an older system with only a single-speed air handler may need to have some zone bypass ducts installed in order to maintain the correct airflow when only a select few zones are demanding air.

A Zoned System Reduces Costs

By reducing the amount of your house’s space that needs to be served by your HVAC system at any one time, the amount of energy it uses is reduced, and in turn, your energy bill will be much less.

If you and your family are having a movie night in the family room, you can set the rest of the home to an energy-saving temperature while keeping the family room nice and comfortable.

You can control the zones in your house with manual thermostats for each zone but, in the end, you'll save more on energy bills when you use a programmable thermostat that automatically adjusts the zone temperatures based on the normal activity pattern of the rooms.

When you reduce the overall strain on your heating and air conditioning system, you will also significantly reduce your long-term cost and expenses by extending the overall life of your system and delaying major repairs.

The experienced technicians here at Kettle Moraine Heating & Air Conditioning can design and install a zoned system for your home's heating and cooling in Waukesha WI and all surrounding cities. Call us today!

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